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Case Study – Predictive Workforce Analytics

Case Study Predictive Workforce Analytics – The key link between Leadership development and business growth XYZ Private Limited (Company) is a leading manufacturer of process cooling systems like water chillers, coolant chillers, hydraulic oil chillers, glycol chillers, panel air conditioners and coolant filtration systems. The company’s core technology is based on heat transfer using the vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

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Mentoring – A key towards success

Are you a Mentor?– This is a key question, each professional worth his / her mettle need to answer on many an occasion.  A lot of times, managing is confused for mentoring and vice-versa.  Let me start by defining who is a mentor – “A ’mentor’ is one who helps / tutors / advises / leads / guides a ‘protégée’ towards the achievement of protégée’s goals; Mentor also is one who takes the special interest in the overall development of

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Consulting Approach!

Our unique approach to consulting is inspired by the ‘system’s thinking approach’; i.e. we understand that the entity of an organization or business, needs to be studied not as a stand-alone entity (silo-approach) but in relation with the other constituent (related) entities in this given eco-system.

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Is your business future ready?

Today we are witnessing ‘the start-up age’ and this generation may be aptly named ‘Gen-Startup’. As per a moderate estimate (World Bank Survey – New Businesses Registered in a calendar year), in India alone, there were around 98000 limited liability firms registered by the end of 2014; which amounts to over 260 firms being registered in a given day alone; and it is believed this trend only will improve in the coming years, probably fostered by the current Govt. of

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How to survive an engineered exit

How to survive an engineered exit ? Layoffs have become an unpleasant reality.  Many organizations in the ‘Indian’ market scenario are resorting to means and methods which lead to an ‘engineered’ exit of an employee – be it rating the employee’s performance low /giving an annual hike which is untenable / ensuring that the employee’s communication channel within the organization is cutoff and many other means. However, there are many positive and constructive steps an employee can take to ensure that

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New-age Staffing solutions

For a long time, staffing has been through a grey phase where the challenge of bridging the gap of demand versus supply was imbalanced. With time, many a channel was introduced; albeit with a lot less success as compared to the number of channels. And, choosing the right channel to focus on the demand of staffing solutions and the perfect coordination between time and quality was in itself a time-consuming affair. The act of rebalancing was the key needed. Many

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