Mentoring – A key towards success

Are you a Mentor?– This is a key question, each professional worth his / her mettle need to answer on many an occasion.  A lot of times, managing is confused for mentoring and vice-versa.  Let me start by defining who is a mentor – “A ’mentor’ is one who helps / tutors / advises / leads / guides a ‘protégée’ towards the achievement of protégée’s goals; Mentor also is one who takes the special interest in the overall development of

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How to survive an engineered exit

How to survive an engineered exit ? Layoffs have become an unpleasant reality.  Many organizations in the ‘Indian’ market scenario are resorting to means and methods which lead to an ‘engineered’ exit of an employee – be it rating the employee’s performance low /giving an annual hike which is untenable / ensuring that the employee’s communication channel within the organization is cutoff and many other means. However, there are many positive and constructive steps an employee can take to ensure that

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