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Consulting Approach!

In Human Resources , February 22, 2018

Our unique approach to consulting is inspired by the ‘system’s thinking approach’; i.e. we understand that the entity of an organization or business, needs to be studied not as a stand-alone entity (silo-approach) but in relation with the other constituent (related) entities in this given eco-system.

Hence we envisaged on an approach which seeks to ‘discover’ the problem statement in relation to the constituent entities, which is further elaborately defined (analyzed) and then we step into the ‘design phase’; even here, design of a new process or improvement of an existing process is not undertaken without understanding its relation to other entities with in the given eco-system. Then we go about ‘developing’ the solution; with ‘value-innovation’ and then ‘deliver’ the custom-built or tailored solution to the stakeholders.

The below pictorial representation is the detailed view of ‘Aavishkaar’s HR Consulting Approach’ –