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Missing Report!!!! of Resonance

In Human Resources Work , February 24, 2020

I want to file a missing report; it is hereby noted that Resonance is missing; seems like for quite some-time now the amplitude of internal systems is no longer matching the vibrations of that of concomitant systems and /or external forces.


It is alleged that Resonance was supposedly very disenchanted with the cacophony of individualism; of putting oneself ahead of the team and /or the organization; of not walking the talk; of portraying callous attitude towards adhering to acceptable /accepted business and /or organizational process and systems; cacophony of feeling “I’m” indispensable and hence I’m above everyone and everything around me; of passing the buck every time when one is supposed to own up and the ilk.


This vacuum created by the missing of Resonance has been dextrously filled by Chaos, who’s now moving about freely amongst us.  This chaos has further created a situation where focus has shifted from creating an ecosystem of seamlessness; and that of focussing and solving the actual problems to attacking of personalities instead.


It’s my request to all the stakeholders to assist me in finding (re-discovering) Resonance!!!


I have listed below the vital physiognomies of Resonance which should help you to identify: (Apart from being positive, cheerful, of fair complexion; well-built and standing tall 😊…) Resonance epitomizes:


  1. Effective Team Work
  2. Core Values adherence
  3. Strong inter-personal bonding – Camaraderie
  4. Solid Process and Systems institutionalization; (never believes-in nor takes shortcuts)
  5. Agility in business work-flow
  6. Reduction of work-related Stress and Friction
  7. Nurturing Innovation
  8. Promoting Continuous Improvements





Ravishankar Srikantan Aiyar

Vice President

Aavishkaar Consulting