Our Successful Projects & Interventions

We @ Aavishkaar pride ourselves in delivering the best-fit solutions, the first-time; every time; with almost a perfect track record – failure is never an option – we do so being dispassionate and never ever soft-peddling even if it means taking tough stance for the growth of our esteemed clientele!!!

A leading educational university at Ajman, UAE

Task: We were commissioned to re-engineer the HR Policy Framework and the Standard operating procedures as a precursor to the automation of HR Systems and Processes.

Our Approach: We started our work by doing a thorough “Current HR Systems” analysis; a study to understand health and feasibility of the current practices; one of the primary purpose of this study was to find out the existing best practices which were working well for them.

Then a thorough analysis followed, with respect to the “Policy and Procedure Framework” requirements. Our approach here was to understand its fitment from the “Tactical” and “Operational” perspective and we implemented new – Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Template Documents, which also has been reviewed according to the set timelines.

Results Achieved: What we achieved is currently distinct – the Policy Framework and SoP’s that we have reengineered is helping the organization to have a streamlined HR Practice and shall form a solid foundation for automating the HR Systems and Processes at Ajman University.

An Indian manufacturing firm which has been in existence for more than 3 decades

Task: We were contracted to set up ‘’HR Practice” for them. When we started, there was no HR Practice in place and were functioning in a very ad-hoc manner.

Our Approach: We started our work by doing a thorough “Existing Organizational Practices” analysis; an initial study to understand and unearth their current practices which were working-well, and which weren’t; with an eye on existing good /best practices, if any. This we extracted by doing a “Culture Audit”.

Then we followed-up with a thorough analysis of the “Policy and Procedure Framework” requirements. Our approach here was to understand its fitment from the “Strategic” and “Operational” perspective and a new policy framework was established, with review timelines as well. Our research team interfaces with the client at periodic intervals to review the policy framework.


Our other Key interventions

Results Achieved: What we achieved is currently evident – the HR practice that we have set up is running successfully for them and given that their numbers have more than tripled (to around 120+) from the time we started our project till date, the organizational vital indices have only gone up and the organization have been able to successfully achieve their set goals time and time again.

A micro-financial behemoth, Kolkata, India

Task: We represented ‘Oracle India’ to do the ‘Business Analysis’ for a HR custom built application.

Our Approach: We kick started our efforts by doing a thorough analysis of the ‘As-Is’ system. And then post concerted discussions with the client we detailed the requirements for the ‘To-Be’ system.

Methodology: OUM – Oracle Unified Method
Task & Deliverables Description –

A start-up engineering firm, Gurgaon, India

Task: We were appointed to put in place the entire HR Structure for this new organization.

Our Approach: After understanding the vision of this organization and the growth path they are going to tread, we zeroed in on the type of HR Policy Framework which will work from them while they are starting up and will scale up along with their growth as well.

Deliverables: We designed and developed all the HR / Business related Policies and procedures for them; benchmarked it from the industry perspective; helped in orienting their internal teams on the same and did the process implementation as well.

HR Policy framework included:

Results Achieved: As we understand the organization has had a very standardized approach to its policies and procedures from the very beginning; helping them to benchmark all their internal systems and to work towards the path of continuous improvements.

An IT product firm Hyderabad, India

Task: We were asked to design and implement a highly progressive and customized Performance Management System

Our Approach: We started by understanding their existing performance measure mechanism,which was highly subjective and did not really measure performance as it should be measured.

Deliverables: We designed a highly customized performance management system which steers away from a highly subjective performance analysis towards an objective measurement methodology; also brought in the feature to measure performance from two angles – quantity of performance and quality of performance.